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Module one:
Understanding food safety
Lesson 1: Understanding food contamination
Lesson 2: Food-borne illness & allergy management
Lesson 3: Food safety laws & responsibilities

Module two:
Preventing food-borne illness
Lesson 4: Personal hygiene & workplace behaviour
Lesson 5: Time & temperature control
Lesson 6: Cleaning & sanitizing
Lesson 7: Maintaining food premises & equipment

Module three:
Working with food safely
Lesson 8: Purchasing, receiving & storing food safely
Lesson 9: Preparing food safely
Lesson 10: Serving & dispensing food safely

Module four:
Managing your food safety plan
Lesson 11: Managing your food safety plan


To successfully obtain your CIFS Food Handler Certification, you’re required to complete each lesson and pass a final exam within 30 days. 


The final exam has 50 multiple choice questions and a 60 minute time limit. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass the exam. You have unlimited attempts to write the final exam during your 30 day course access period.


By law, the test requires proctoring. A Proctor is a person who remotely observes you via a webcam while you complete the exam. Proctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to complete the exam at any time. Simply choose a time that suits you and get started.


The course can be completed on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. The final exam (which takes only one hour) requires a computer with a webcam, microphone and a reliable internet connection. 


In order to access course resources, some students are prompted to download Adobe PDF Reader or Adobe Acrobat (both programs are free). We recommend downloading the latest version of Adobe PDF Reader.  


Contact us if you have any concerns about the technical requirements for the final exam. Our support team can help troubleshoot.


The CIFS Food Handler Certification course is approved/accepted in every province and territory across Canada:

  • Alberta

  • British Columbia

  • Manitoba

  • New Brunswick

  • Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Northwest Territories

  • Nova Scotia

  • Nunavut

  • Ontario

  • Prince Edward Island

  • Quebec

  • Saskatchewan

  • Yukon Territory

Commonly asked questions 

Learn more about what our students ask about this course

Are there any hidden costs?

No there are no other fees. The fee of $99.95 (plus GST/HST) includes everything you need to get certified. This includes:

  • the course

  • final exam proctoring

  • unlimited final exam attempts

  • the official CIFS Food Handler Certificate

  • all required course learning resources

Is the course 100% online?


Yes, the Food Handler Certification course is 100% online and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You complete all of the lessons and quizzes online. Your final assessment is an online test which you are observed completing by a Certified Proctor via a webcam in your computer.

There's no need to visit any classrooms or exam centres when you complete a CIFS course.

How long does the course take?

The online lessons and multiple choice quizzes take most people around 8 hours to complete.

This can vary depending on your food handling experience, English language skills and computer literacy.

You don’t need to complete the whole course at once – you can start and stop as often as you need. The course software will remember where you’re up to and will prompt you to resume where you left off.

The final exam works slightly differently. A Certified Proctor will supervise your exam remotely via a webcam on your computer – there’s no need to book in advance as sessions are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You have 30 days from the date of enrolment to complete the course in its entirety, including the final exam.

Can you tell me more about the final exam?

The final exam has 50 multiple choice questions and a 60-minute time limit. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass the exam. You have an unlimited number of attempts at writing the exam.

The final exam requires proctoring. A Proctor is a person who remotely observes while you complete the exam. We have proctors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to complete the exam at any time that suits you.

Before starting your exam, the Proctor will need to confirm your identity. To verify your identity, you will need to follow the two steps below: 

  1. Provide valid government-issued photo ID. The ID can be from any country, some examples are, driver’s licence, passport, health card, student card or citizenship. (For underage learners, student ID will be accepted). 

  2. The Proctor will take your photo. The photo will match the picture on the government-issued photo ID you have provided. 

Once your identity is validated, you can begin the exam. 

You have unlimited attempts to attempt the exam, unless you are suspected of cheating. If you are found to have cheated in your exam then you will be removed from the course and will need to re-enrol and pay for a new course.

To avoid accusations of cheating, never do the following immediately before or during your exam: 

  1. Have your mobile device, tablet or additional laptop or computer with you or within your reach.

  2. Have any paper or notebooks open or accessible, or take notes or screenshots.

  3. Interact with or be within close proximity of friends, family or coworkers.

  4. Open additional browser windows or have your computer or laptop on split or multiple screen modes. 

  5. Have any instant messaging apps open (example: Slack or Google Hangouts).

  6. Leave or turn away from your computer (try to keep your gaze on the screen and keyboard only). 

  7. Wear headphones or any earpiece. 

Once you’ve passed the exam, you can request your certificate to be emailed immediately. Most students receive their certificate within 60 minutes of completing the exam.


How do I get my Food Handler Certificate?


You can request your Food Handler Certificate immediately after completing your exam. Most students receive their documents within 60 minutes.


We recommend that you print and save a copy of your certificate so that you can easily access it in future. Your access to the course expires after 30 days. It’s important to ensure you have a saved copy before this date.

Do you accommodate people with special needs?

We’ve designed our course to try and accommodate for as many requirements as possible. This includes students with disabilities, or with language/literacy needs.

The course materials are delivered via interactive lessons, via audio and also via downloadable course notes. We’ve done this to try and make the course as accessible as possible.

Once enrolled in the course, students are also able to interact with a qualified food safety trainer via email or telephone. If other tools such as video conferencing are required, this can be arranged.

Please contact us with any concerns and we’ll do our best to accommodate any special requirements.


Where can I complete my final exam?

We recommend completing your exam in a quiet place with no one around.

If your family or coworkers are within the vicinity of where you’re taking the exam, post a note to let them know what you’re doing and explain to them that you’re engaged in a proctored exam and can’t be distracted or disturbed.

If you’re taking your exam in a library, coffee shop or office, try to ensure no-one is visible in the background while you attempt the exam.